Friday, November 17, 2006

I have a question

So, it is getting ever so close to CHRISTmas and I am wondering as I do every year. Why do people that do not believe in the reason for CHRISTmas celebrate CHRISTmas? What are they celebrating? Is it the financial debt that everyone falls into just to find that perfect gift or the fact that your family got together?There shouldn't be a holiday just to get together with family, we should always make the effort. CHRISTmas should not be about gifts and eating until we are 10 pounds heavier. I am not condoning anyone because I put the holiday face on too, but I am just concerned that I am going to get to wrapped up in the material aspect of CHRISTmas and forget the real reason for it. CHRISTmas has become a superficial holiday in some ways. A holiday for the companies to raise their prices and come up with new unimportant things for us to spend our money on. Have you been in the stores that sell figurine ornaments? It's all TV and movie based (just about) I don't mean to sound negative but CHRISTmas is Jesus' birthday, without Him Dec 25th just be another day, I think it is about time more people recognized that. Oh and I hate it when people call this day Xmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the X is a cross.

I think it fits very naturally.

12:10 a.m.  
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