Saturday, October 14, 2006

The amazing adventure of Marty P.

So the adventure starts after a couple of friends and I decide to go to Guilford Mall in Surrey. I have this one friend, Marty, when he hangs out with us something interesting always happens. This day was no different. So, we are driving down the hwy when all of a sudden traffic came to crawl. I forgot it was Friday and we left at like 3pm. I know stupid. Anyway, it turns out that Marty hates sitting in traffic more than I do and just before he was about to explode we come up on these guys peeing . Yup that's right, just peeing off the side of the hwy in the open for all to see. That broke the tension a little, Mel made a comment of where was their car. I had seen a van on the other side and told her that was probably it. As we continued down the road at turtle speed (no offence Mel), the same two guys go running past my car, in the middle of the road. Turns out that the truck they were in kept going in the traffic. If that wasn't funny enough they then held a phone number on a piece of paper out of the passenger window. Marty was trying to convince Mel to call the number and he almost had her until she lost her nerve. You are so funny Mel. Truthfully I think she has a thing for Marty. I also think he has something for her. While we were in surrey a guy much bigger that Marty came up right behind him; so close in fact Marty said he could feel his breath on the back of his neck; this guy then propositioned Marty, in front of all of us. Marty just looked at him and said sorry I don't swing that way and we walked away. The guy looked him up and down and shouted "that's to bad"..........creepy. On the way home there was a road block and Marty got soooooooo nervous...... maybe there is something he is not telling me. Anywho, they let us through with no problem. That was all the excitement for the day. So, between the guys peeing, the same guys running up the hwy, yet again the same guys giving out a number to strangers ( I hope for anyone else it was their own), the big guy coming on to Marty and the was a typical day out with Marty. I love you buddy. LOL


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